We promote responsible bird breeding for species survivability and to increase companion pet ownership.



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I just got my Blue and gold Macaw named Millo last 2 weeks from Davs Parrots Farm, and he is very lovely! And he is really smart. Although I’m usually a hard woman to please, definitely Dav Parrots Farm and his team were excellent.

What other way can we convince you of our capability to deliver your parrots in time with a health and safety guarantee? Davs Parrots Farm thanks so much for the delivery. 

Thanks so much Davs Parrots Farm for my parrots , i had wanted this for so long now didn't know how to get it till i was directed To Davs Parrots Farm, I'm so happy!!!

Great place! Friendly site…. I was impressed. Their prices are the best around. We just bought a sweet little African Grey Parrot and we are in love. I’ll always recommend this place. Check it out!

oh my gosh the delivery service are just from living my house. thanks for everything i just signed the paperwork and all the 5000 i pay for insurance and other charges were handed to me back as we agreed u the best with the best customer service online thanks for the bird though

Purchased an Cockatoo Parrot from Davs Parrots Farm and he/she is the sweetest bird and pet in general. We are so thankful. My son has bonded with the bird and I am grateful for this as he has had a tough year. Thank you again.