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As A Family Business (Davs Parrots Farm), We Pride Ourselves In The Manner In Which We Raise Our Babies. We Provide Each Baby Bird With The Individualized Care And Attention That Is Needed To Become A Happy, Relaxed, And Well-Adjusted Pet. We Raise Only A Limited Number Of Babies At A Time, Which Enables Us To Provide Them With The Necessary One On One Attention They Need. Lots Of TLC Is Essential To Ensure Proper Socialization And A Good, Even-Tempered Disposition. Our Birds Receive Lots Of Cuddling And One On One Playtime. The Special Care That Each Baby Receives Assures Our Customers A Loving Pet That Will Bring Joy And Happiness To Their Lives For Many Years To Come.


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I just got my Blue and gold Macaw named Millo last 2 weeks from Davs Parrots Farm, and he is very lovely! And he is really smart. Although I’m usually a hard woman to please, definitely Dav Parrots Farm and his team were excellent.

What other way can we convince you of our capability to deliver your parrots in time with a health and safety guarantee? Davs Parrots Farm thanks so much for the delivery. 

Thanks so much Davs Parrots Farm for my parrots , i had wanted this for so long now didn't know how to get it till i was directed To Davs Parrots Farm, I'm so happy!!!



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Shipping Policies

Our parrots are well trained pets, making shipment by a delivery service more easier cause our Parrots comes with all papers an a portable delivery cage to ease transportation. The delivery will last for about 24-72 hours for home deliveries at customers address. Delivery can be made to an alternate address at which your payment card is registered.

Vet Check

All our birds are up to date with their vaccinations. Our parrort are well-trained and they can easily blend into a new home. We give out our parrots at the most affordable market prices.

100% Money Back

All funds are 100% refundable if the parrot your adopt from us does not suit your desire and you find it difficult to train or keep as pet, please kindly let us know and your funds will be giving back without the delivery and adoption fee when we got our parrot back by our delivery agent.